System 21© is a sales and new business development solution which guarantees a minimum of $200,000 to $300,000 (depending on the program) in new long-term direct revenue within the first six months or its free.  The solutions-based sales and marketing professional development directly tackles the biggest challenges facing today’s ever-changing media industry.

The Problem and Recommended SolutionsPROBLEMSOLUTIONNational and regional business have becometoo unpredictable, unreliable and conditionalupon factors way beyond our control.Great media salespeople are hard to find and even harder to retain.Small business owners don't really know whyto advertise, where to advertise, how much toadvertise, how long to advertise or how tojudge a return on their investment.System 21© local direct business is controllable,ratings proof and can provide a reliable andconsistent source of local revenue.System 21© professional developmenthelpsbridge the gap between potential andperformance and jumpstarts careers. System 21© training educates on the businessof advertising including how to utilize ad-to-salesratios, prospect values, understand gross andnet margins and how to justify a return basedon the break even point, lifetime value or DigitalROI calculator. Every media rep has been taught to ask theright questions, yet few have ever been trainedwhat to do with the answers.With so many media tools, tactics and specialinitiatives it can be overwhelming for a salesteam. When clients do not get desired advertisingresults, it leads to high attrition.System 21© provides a step-by-step solutionfrom the diagnostic questions to themarketingstrategy, to the development of more creativesolutions...and better client results leads to moresatisfed customers and greater retention. System 21© training helps to identify all the rightprospects, ask all the right questions and presentthe right long-term solutions from your suite ofofferings (marketing-centric vs. product-centricapproach). System 21© is an ''integrated marketing solution''designed to provide the knowledge, tools andtraining for media reps to make their career!
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Why System 21© Stands Apart…

  • Originally developed by Dr. Philip J LeNoble and redeveloped by Michael Guld, System 21© has a 40-year track record of success generating over $320,000,000 in new long-term local direct business from over 550 media properties.
  • The System 21© Version 8 textbook is a step-by-step training solution to media sales and marketing success, from setting personal and professional goals all the way through client presentation.
  • A companion System 21© video training series brings the textbook to life chapter by chapter.
  • The most comprehensive deep-dive client uncovery system (called a Database©) in the country.
  • A proprietary proposal development software program converts the Wizard© input into a multi-page PowerPoint customizable presentation called a Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations (SCR©).
  • System 21© provides a guaranteed, structured and disciplined process of sustainable 10 to 1 revenue generation ($200,000 to $300,000…depending on the program) or your money back within the first six months of licensure.
  • Market exclusive for all media.
  • KSFX/KOLR in Springfield, MO during another difficult economic period sold $1,118,000 in one year and $2,118,000 the following year.
  • KABB/KRRT in San Antonio added just over $1,820,000 in local direct business in 14 months.

System 21© successes include Nexstar, Tegna, Hearst, Gray, Block, Weigel, Morris, American Spirit, ABC Disney, Meredith, Tribune, Media General, Young, Titan, Bahakel, Granite, Midwest, Midwest Family, Dick and Backyard Broadcasting.

We are judged by our results

  • Block Communications (FOX/CW) Louisville has written over $7,250,000in new business.
  • Meredith Television (CBS) in Saginaw, MI wrote over $4,431,000in new revenue.
  • Midwest Radio Wausau, WI billed over $2,600,000in new billing.
  • Nexstar Television (CBS) in Rochester billed over $500,000in their first 7 months.
  • WRGT in Dayton reached $1,113,000in local-direct a single year.
  • WHAG in Hagerstown, MD hit $1,124,000in 15 months in local-direct revenues.
  • KSFX/KOLR in Springfield, MO during another difficult economic period sold $1,118,000in one year and $2,118,000 the following year.
  • KABB/KRRT in San Antonio added just over $1,820,000in local direct business in 14 months.

Watch a 3 ½ minute video testimonial from wway

System 21© Success Stories

  • System 21© has a guarantee of $200,000 in new business in the first 6 months or free. Our team closed $340,000 (including 8 annuals) in just 17 weeks!

    Wendy A. Bello Director of SalesNexstar, Rochester, NY
  • As an early user of System 21© , I have had the benefits of using this program for over 20 years through three different broadcast companies that I have owned and operated. There is nothing on the market that compares to System 21© in its ability to generate new local direct business for your television stations. I owe a large part of my own personal success in this industry to System 21© .

    Dan Sullivan Chairman and CEOTitan Broadcast Management
  • When new to the media industry, System 21© provided me with exceptional tools, training and unending support to achieve unprecedented success. I personally wrote over $300,000 in new local business in 2022!

    Jonathan Rivers Former Media Account Executive, FOX 54/WXTX Columbus GA
  • Of all the professional development we have done over the years, System 21© is unquestionably the best! Our sales team generated over $1,200,000 in new business in the first five months of 2023!”

    Rick Burrice Director of Sales, WDRB Media/FOX Louisville
  • As an independent station in Houston, Texas, we have found System 21© to be a competitive advantage to control our own destiny. Using their advanced sales and marketing program we developed over $650,000 in new revenue last year and have renewed it for our fourth year.

    JD Huey President/General ManagerKUBE Television, Houston, Texas
  • With over $387,000 written in our first eight months, I cannot say enough about how System 21© has transformed my sales staff and the way we do business!

    Claudia Estrada President/General ManagerEstrella TV/Mundo San Francisco
  • Thank you for introducing our team to System 21©. It is a tool all our reps are using including my longest serving AE of 30 years and my newest in her first year. This system is adaptable to every AE skill level! The system provides a disciplined selling process from prospecting to closing through developing lasting client relationships. In the first 4 months our team wrote over $254,000 in new business…closing 67% of all presentations!

    James Crout General Sales ManagerWJHL TV, Tri-Cities
  • Since implementing System 21© across our company, we‘ve seen a dramatic increase in our long-term, local-direct billing…greatly exceeding our expectations. We have also noticed an elevated confidence level in our sales team as they’ve acquired new marketing skills and a roadmap to help grow their client’s business. And when that happens…our business will prosper as well!

    Bert Ellis PresidentTitan Broadcast Management
  • The System 21© program helped our team to think more strategically...we've exceeded our projections billing over $450,000 in our first 6 months!

    Kathy Wright General Sales ManagerWEAU 13 NEWS, Eau Claire, WI
  • After using System 21© for just six weeks, our staff brought in over $200,000 in new and incremental billing.  Plus, there’s a lot more pending.  They’ve known what questions to ask, but now they know how to use the answers to build marketing solutions.  They are rapidly moving from “media reps” to Business Development Specialists.  They’re excited and I’m excited for their success!

    Darren Pieh Local Sales ManagerABC 11/ WTVD Raleigh/Durham NC
  • There’s sales training and then there’s sales and marketing systems…with a 20% increase in new direct business we just renewed System 21© for another year!

    Jeff Guilbert, General Sales Manager, WNEM – TV, Saginaw, MI General Sales ManagerWNEM – TV, Saginaw, MI
  • Having only been in media sales 3 weeks when you did your training, I believe I was lucky enough to learn the correct way to approach clients through System 21© .  In less than 2 months I have closed 6 new clients for a total of $52, 940, with 4 of the contracts for 52 weeks.  Thank you for your guidance!

    Ray Reifenrath Account ExecutiveKMEG – TV, Sioux City, Iowa
  • I have used System 21© for over 8 years and have found the system to be extremely effective. Michael Guld has done an excellent job updating the system.  If you are looking to increase new long-term business, I strongly urge you to take a look at System 21©.

    JR Jackson General Sales ManagerKMPH and KFRE – TV, Fresno, CA
  • System 21 has been a great addition to our sales toolbox! In our first year at WADL TV, we finished our first year at $571k with a renewal rate of 70%. Given my success in Detroit I rolled it out at Nexstar DC.  From the first appointment all the way to the conclusion of the sale, the success tracking and the service guarantee, System 21 is among the best tools I have ever used in my 20 years in Sales Management!

    David Bangura Vice President/General Manager, Nexstar DC
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