Keynote Address Video Excerpt – National Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Association


How to Thrive…Not Just Survive in Today’s Market

It’s not easy being in business today. With increasing competition, decreasing margins and depressing daily economic headlines, it can leave some immobilized and others dazed and confused, scrambling for short term answers.  Regardless of economic conditions you can achieve breakthrough results by following success principles that have helped thousands across the country transform “positive potential” into “peak performance.” Learn how to take charge and regain control of your career.

“Build Your Profits Through People, Promotion and Passion”

Too often in today’s competitive business environment, the focus of attention is on “profit.”  But as the saying goes…“if you spend all of your time watching the scoreboard, the ball is going to hit you in the face!”  Like the winning score in a ballgame, “profit” is the end result of playing a great game!  By focusing your energy on just three areas, you will win over your employees, win over new customers…and profits are sure to follow.


“Marketing…An Investment or An Expense”

Regardless of how good you, your product or your service is, if you don’t promote yourself, there’s a good chance that no one will hear you, see you or buy from you.  How do you get your name out to your prospective customers without going broke?  How do you build an equity position in the marketplace so that when people think of the need for your products or services, they think of you?  How do you judge a return on your marketing investment?  Guld will answer these questions and give you tools to analyze your marketing strategy.


“The Magic Words of Leadership”

Building a successful business is all about building relationships.  How do you lead to get the most out of your employees?  How do you build loyalty where they will go the extra mile for you and your customers?  How do you keep your best employees from taking the next offer that pays a little more?  Discover how easy it is to lead when you use the “magic words” every day.


“Provide World-Class Service at the Local Level”

Video Excerpt of “Provide World-Class Service at the Local Level” – Retail Merchants Association

What is “world-class service?”  It is the talk of many in service industries but the reality of few. World-class service will greatly exceed service expectations on a consistent basis.  When a client is provided with world-class service, it often becomes a legendary experience that is retold to others in a form of free publicity that cannot be bought.  Guld will break down the attributes of world-class service and show by example how in most situations, it’s the customer’s buying experience that will determine your reputation more than the products or services you sell.


“Make Your Career, Not Just Your Month”

Why is it that some people are more successful in sales than others?  What qualities do they possess?  What habits do they have that keeps them at the top of their game month after month and year after year?  Long-term success is no accident.  Top producers in every industry share unique qualities that lead to their success. Discover the fundamentals of high performance that will unleash your sales potential.


“Passion…The Difference Between Being Good and Being Great.”

Passion is the difference between “good performance” and “great performance.”  Passion is the difference between “liking what you do” and “loving what you do.  Passion is contagious. So how do you bring out the passion in yourself and in others around you on a daily basis?  Guld will share his insight on what he believes is the key to personal happiness and to professional success.

Effectively Managing Your Multi-tasking Day

In this “get it done yesterday world,” how do you set priorities and manage your professional career in the face of competing demands on your time?  With fewer people being called on to do more, how do you distinguish between the urgent and the important?  Are all the new technologies, including cell phones, PDA’s, emails and text messages making you more efficient or are you becoming a slave to technology?  We are all managers…even if it is not in our title.  Those who most effectively manage their time, focus and energy, will get the greatest results.

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