Most local businesses have a great understanding of their business, their products, their services, the competition in their industry. While handling an array of responsibilities what many are most confused about is “advertising”… why to advertise, where to advertise, how much to advertise, how long advertise and how to judge a return on their investment.

That’s why The Guld Resource Group has been training television and radio sellers across the country to become brilliant marketers. Our belief is if they spend more time educating they do not have to spend as much time selling.

Practicing what they preach, since 2004 The Guld Resource Group advertising agency has helped transform hundreds of very good local companies in great local brands, while helping them to become more efficient with immediate placement and more effective their advertising results.  Starting with a deep dive client uncovery to determine market position, distinctive selling advantages, misconceptions in the market as well as specific objectives. The Guld Resource Group will present back with a Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations with an integrated marketing plan to help achieve your goals and objectives, including a break-even point analysis and return-on-investment formulas.  Once approved, The Guld Resource Group will coordinate development of all creative and place all associated media providing a one-stop shop.

Our clients’ success personal success says it all…

Client Testimonials

  • The Guld Resource Group is among the best media agencies in the business. The enthusiasm they have for the projects they represent is incomparable. Being a not for profit, Guld Resource puts specific thought into each campaign and market, tailoring content ideas with creativity to truly match our specific needs at any given time. As a result, Virginia Blood Services consistently sees terrific response from our media partners based on the relationships and trust that Michael and Natalie have formed over the years. Additionally, the Guld Resource team takes genuine care and concern for overall business and incorporates organizational strategy into planning annual media buys. This team has been a true delight, bending over backwards to meet our deadlines, being immediately responsive to any requests, and going above and beyond the call of duty to provide information and assets to assist with the ever changing and constant needs of our local blood supply. I just can’t speak highly enough about our experience with this group!

    Michelle Westbay Lead, Marketing and CommunicationsVirginia Blood Services
  • The Guld Resource Group has been very instrumental in helping us get the word out via radio about our Drive Out Hunger campaign.  We have partnered with Michael and his team for 3 years and have enjoyed working with them.  They have been very easy to work with and have delivered us outstanding results.  In conversations with the radio groups that Michael and his team partnered us up with they also say that The Guld Resource team has been easy to deal with which has made their lives easier.  I look forward to many more years of service.

    Alan Mahrt PresidentMidas Auto Systems Experts
  • Michael Guld's unique thought process and ability to consider multiple perspectives on an issue are two keys that have been benchmarks in our relationship.  He has designed and implemented programs that offer me intimate, market level customer perspectives.  Further, he has been key to creating programs to address the points that my customers have made.  Michael has been, and will continue to be, integral to the success of Midas of Richmond.

    Mark Smith OwnerMidas of Richmond
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