2020 will go down as one of the most challenging years of our lifetime. The daily headlines of the global pandemic, economic recession, political polarization and social unrest have left many in media sales and in business immobilized and others dazed and confused, scrambling for short-term answers. Numerous companies in your community are facing unprecedented obstacles that threaten their long-term survival.  Businesses are not interested in another sales pitch for your commercials or even your digital products.  What they are in need of is a trusted media partner to deliver integrated marketing solutions to help them rebuild their business.

To learn how to supercharge both your business and your clients’ business, join Michael Guld, a nationally recognized business development and media consultant, for a complimentary 50-minute seminar.

Top Takeaways…

  • How to have the right attitude for success (transforming positive potential to peak performance)
  • How to set activity targets to reach personal and professional billing and personal income goals.
  • How to develop a more relevant personal sales and marketing plan to achieve breakthrough results.
  • National research and local success story examples of why to throttle down in advertising during a recession.
  • How to set local advertising budgets based on national ad-to-sales ratios.
  • How to help your clients assess the value of every prospect and ROI from their advertising investment.
  • How to develop outstanding cause marketing campaigns (“doing good is good for business”).

About Michael Guld

Michael Guld is President of The Guld Resource Group and System 21©, a nationally renowned media consultancy that has helped over 500 media properties increase local direct revenue by over $315,000,000.  In addition to being an industry best-selling author of The Million Dollar Media Rep:  How to Become a Television and Radio Sales Superstar, Guld has been a frequent speaker for media associations including the NAB, NAB SMTE, TVB, RAB, Canadian Association of Broadcasters and most state broadcast associations.  Throughout his career, he has helped hundreds of companies grow their business, advising his clients on all aspects of their strategic initiatives. He has been interviewed by numerous national publications including Spots N Dots, Inside Radio, Entrepreneur.com and Fortune Small Business.

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