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In the broadcasting industry…it’s not about selling “spots, rates or rankers;” it’s about selling “results.”  The Million Dollar Media Rep is an easy to read and easy to reference “how to” book that will help new media reps get started, experienced media reps be more successful and students in the academic world learn more about the business side of the broadcasting industry.  It combines great sales strategies, advanced marketing tools and personal development tips to help every media rep reach their full potential.

Michael Guld shares his knowledge and experience with a hands-on practical approach to “How to Become a Media Sales Superstar.”  His teachings focus on “The Sales of Advertising (how to grow your business) as well as “The Business of Advertising” (how to grow a client’s business).  His message is simple…“if you spend your time helping your clients grow their business, your business will take care of itself.”  His techniques will show you how.

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What People Are Saying

  • Michael Guld has created a well-written, highly readable roadmap to media sales success.  He's captured the art and science of selling.  His candor about how he first "learned to fail" before he could "learn to succeed" is refreshing.  Most important, this book is about never taking your eye off the goal of meeting your customer's needs.

    William G. Moll Former ChairmanClear Channel Television
  • This book is a "must read" for any brand new radio seller.it gives powerful insight into the basics of our business, and provides a terrific foundation to build upon.

    Kimberly Cutchall Executive Vice PresidentClear Channel Radio
  • After 37 years in this incredible industry, I can honestly say I have never read a better description of what it takes to win. This book will become a "standard issue" for all our sales staff, present and future.  I gave my staff copies yesterday and asked they have it read by our trip next week to the RAB.

    Larry England General ManagerClarke Broadcasting Corp.
  • Michael Guld has taken the complex world of television and radio sales and boiled it down to the nuts-and-bolts essentials.  This book should be on the shelf of every sales exec in the industry, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

    Steve Koonin Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice PresidentTNT/TBS
  • Guld’s book contains a lot of good advice for anybody in any business, but particularly people who “sell air.”  When he encourages account execs to know their own business, it’s a remarkably obvious piece of advice that sales people really need to hear.  Know what’s on your air!  Know the issues in your business!  Know the issues in your clients’ businesses!  Guld also wisely advises would-be media account execs that it’s good to “sweat the small stuff” on behalf of clients.  It’s clear he really knows the business, and knows how to impart his wisdom.

    P.J. Bednarski Executive EditorBroadcasting and Cable
  • It's been proven time and again that you can be a Million Dollar Media Rep if you follow the right disciplines.  Michael Guld's book clearly defines the best practices of those who have made successful careers and offers a step by step manual to make a fortune selling media.  It is a must read.

    B. Eric Rhoads PublisherRADIO INK Magazine
  • Why can’t more Salespeople and Managers get it…it doesn’t have to be brain surgery .. it’s common sense and courtesy.  Michael Guld “gets it.”  And his book The Million Dollar Media Rep is sure to become the standard for broadcasters.  The concepts and perspectives of The Million Dollar Media Rep will be required reading in successful and client oriented sales departments.

    Bill Johnstone President & CEO, Oregon Association of BroadcastersPast President, National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations
  • We all cringe when we think back to our early days in sales, and wish we never said much of what we did say. If there had been a book like The Million Dollar Media Rep then, I'm sure all of us could have had easier starts. Michael Guld has written an excellent starter for everyone new to broadcast media sales, and a great refresher for everyone who has been at it for a while and may have started to take the basics for granted. It's also enjoyable and fun to read!

    Joe Marcoe EditorS'N'D Publications (Spots 'n' Dots; Cable Spots)
  • The Million Dollar Media Rep is absolutely AWESOME! Once I opened it, I could not put it down. I finished reading it in one day. Michael taught me and I "Got It" and applied it to my media sales. You too can become a Superstar if you follow The Million Dollar Media Rep.

    Marie Moore Account ExecutiveUPN/UPV Richmond, VA
  • The book is a big hit! I LOVED IT! You make it so clear and take out the fear or the unknown for sellers. It is the perfect guide for every new rep and a great refresher for seasoned sellers. The Million Dollar Media Rep has been added to the list of required reading for all Max Media television and radio stations.

    Vonneva Carter Corporate Director of SalesMax Media
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