Too often in today’s competitive media environment, the focus of attention is on sales goals. But as the saying goes…“if you spend all of your time watching the scoreboard, the ball is going to hit you in the face!” Like the winning score in a ballgame, achieving sales goals is the end result of playing a great game and having great coaching!

Even in these days of hyper-technological change, your success as a manager will hinge on your ability to build successful relationships…with your clients and with your staff. As a former Account Executive, Sales Manager, General Manager and radio station owner, Michael Guld understands first-hand the perspectives of each position and knows how to lead a staff to success. Now he shares his tools, techniques and success principles so that you can take your staff to unprecedented heights.

In this session you will learn best practices…

  • How to attract, hire and retain great talent.
  • How to recognize and reward great talent
  • How to maximize the “Top 10 Triggers of Growth”
  • How to achieve annual goals by formulating baseline stats and establishing mini-goals.
  • How to manage generational differences in priorities
  • How contrary to popular belief it’s not “all about the money”
  • How to elevate your reputation from a manager (title) to a leader (respect)

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