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The Million Dollar Media Rep

‘In the broadcasting industry…it’s not about selling “spots, rates or rankers;” it’s about selling “results.”  The Million Dollar Media Rep is an easy to read and easy to reference “how to” book that will help new media reps get started, experienced media reps be more successful and students in the academic world learn more about the business side of the broadcasting industry.  It combines great sales strategies, advanced marketing tools and personal development tips to help every media rep reach their full potential.

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How to Make and Manage Million Dollar Media Reps

Too often in today’s competitive media environment, the focus of attention is on sales goals. But as the saying goes…“if you spend all of your time watching the scoreboard, the ball is going to hit you in the face!” Like the winning score in a ballgame, achieving sales goals is the end result of playing a great game and having great coaching!

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Provide World-Class Service at the Local Level

What is “world-class service?”  It is the talk of many in service industries but the reality of few. World-class service will greatly exceed service expectations on a consistent basis.  When a client is provided with world-class service, it often becomes a legendary experience that is retold to others in a form of free publicity that cannot be bought.  Guld will break down the attributes of world-class service and show by example how in most situations, it’s the customer’s buying experience that will determine your reputation more than the products or services you sell.

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Passion…The Difference Between Being Good and Great

Passion is the difference between “good performance” and “great performance.”  Passion is the difference between “liking what you do” and “loving what you do.  Passion is contagious. So how do you bring out the passion in yourself and in others around you on a daily basis?  Guld will share his insight on what he believes is the key to personal happiness and to professional success.

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