Michael Guld has been an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and radio commentator.  In addition to being a senior partner in System 21©, a guaranteed revenue development solution for the broadcast industry, Michael was creator and host of “Talking Business with Michael Guld,” airing in Morning Edition on Central Virginia’s Public Radio.  He has spoken at national and state broadcast associations, as well as corporate and non-profit industries and organizational events in 46 states.

Guld has lived the “radio dream,” building a radio group from the ground up.  Guld’s tagline for his consulting company is  “Building Profits Through People, Promotion and Passion” reflecting his belief that profits follow when you do the “right things”.   His mission is to prove that “nice guys can finish first.”

Throughout his broadcasting and sales career, he has helped thousands of companies grow their business and has become a valuable resource in advising his clients on all aspects of their strategic initiatives. As a business development specialist, he has been interviewed by numerous national publications including Entrepreneur.comFortune Small Business and HR World. His articles have appeared in hundreds of business publications including Leadership ExcellenceRadio Ink and Furniture World.  He is also the author of the broadcast industry bestseller, The Million Dollar Media Rep: How to Become a Television and Radio Sales Superstar, teaching broadcast sales executives how to grow their clients’ business.

Guld received his BBA and MBA from the University of Georgia. He is Past President of the Virginia Association of Broadcasters and former board member of the Retail Merchants Association and Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia. He has been married to Natalie for 37 years and has three children.

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