How to Thrive…Not Just Survive in Today’s Market

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Given all the disruptions in the broadcasting industry there is now more competition than ever before for consumers’ ears, eyes, heart, mind and discretionary dollars. However, for those adaptable to change and strategic in their planning there are incredible opportunities while others romance and long for the “good old days” of broadcasting.

Here’s the reality in this new age of media advertising sales.  Your clients no longer care about your spots, your morning shows, your evening news or even who is #1 (everybody’s #1 somewhere).  All they care about are your solutions.  To transform your business you need to uncover your personal motivations, your client’s motivations but most importantly their customer’s motivations; because this is one of the few fields where you have to make a double sale; whereas if your clients do not sell their customers…your clients will not be back.  But when you help your clients to achieve breakthrough results…your success will follow.  Therefore, I have identified 10 actionable tips to help you thrive, not just survive in today’s market…

#1) Live By the Serenity Prayer
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” Focus on the controllable factors…not getting bogged down by factors and situations beyond your control (including your ratings and the economy).

#2) Re-ignite Your Passion
Bring back that feeling you had when you first got into the business.  Passion is contagious…with your clients and co-workers.  Passion’s the difference between liking what you do and loving what you do…and the difference between getting good results and great results.  Passion is no longer only associated with love and relationships…it is a key driver to business success.

#3) Re-define and Re-Commit to Your Goals
To have the best chance of reaching your goals, you need to apply 4 steps… visualize achieving them, write them down, make a plan and then work diligently to reach them.  Because goal achievement is part aspiration, part determination, part motivation but a large part perspiration(hard work).

#4) Create a Personal Business Plan
As the saying goes “if you don’t have a road map…any ole road will get you there.”  First determine exactly where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.  A one pagePersonal Business Plan and corresponding target account spreadsheet will do…modifying them throughout the year (each quarter) as situations change.  Create daily plans and work the plan.

# 5) Prospect Right
Nothing is more important than calling on the right prospects.  The greatest marketing idea in the world will go nowhere with the wrong company (i.e. cannot afford it, will not benefit by it, etc.) or with an individual that cannot make a final decision.  All you have is time…use it wisely.

#6) Build Your Personal Brand
You want to “brand” yourself as much more than just the stations that you represent (i.e. through newsletters, personal brochures, social media, etc.).  Ultimately, it is the intellectual capital and thecreative solutions that will enhance your personal reputation…serving as your clients’ advertising agency, marketing specialist and trusted advisor.  

#7) Become a Master Marketer
In the old days, it was all about “informing, persuading and reminding” where now it’s about “connecting, engaging, and educating” with the ultimate goal to influence perception and motivate buying behavior.  In the old days, success came from being a superstar salesperson.  Now with local direct advertisers, your long term success will come primarily from being a brilliant marketer.  First think like a consumer before writing like a copywriter.

#8) Help your clients to define and promote their value proposition
Your prospects and clients are counting on you to help position them in an increasingly crowded and skeptical marketplace. Uncover what is it that makes them drastically and distinctively different (from a customer’s point of view).  Their unique selling proposition should always provide a unique buying advantage.

#9) Use Broadcast for its Strengths
As John Adams, CEO of The Martin Agency (Wal-Mart, Geico) suggests “focus on the one thing that the medium does best…and that is to deliver large numbers of people at a very efficient cost.”  Broadcast is the feeder system to the internet or mobile.  Instead of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elevating a listing among a sea of competitors, I advocate FMB (Find My Brand) through broadcast advertising…sending consumers directly to a client’s website or mobile application.

#10) Provide World-Class Service
Your long term success will be determined not only by the products you sell, but also by theexceptional service that you provide.  People like doing business with people they like and trust…but also with those that make them feel good, are exceptionally responsive to their calls and requests and those that shower them with attention.  When successful you will achieve loyalty beyond reason.

About the Author:

Michael Guld is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and radio commentator whose business development expertise lies in increasing sales performance, marketing exposure, employee productivity and creating a world-class service experience.  He is the president of System 21 and The Guld Resource Group and can be reached at (804) 356-7006 or at

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